Friday, June 26, 2009

Help fight Feminist Censorship, and Make Money Doing It!

First, I rest my case:

Second, as you may know, we have been pushing to get Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love into colleges. As of now, we have Stockholm in eight universtiy libraries (and no, I will not list which ones here. We learned that lesson with Amazon, and I'm certainly not about to tell the radical feminist vocal minority which colleges so they can start another protest and undo all the labor of getting Stockholm into those libraries in the first place.)

Anyway, we have two ways you can help, the lite way and the serious, but more profitable way.

First, the easy way: Write an article, post a library request, do a radio show. Get free gifts. Information is at .

Second, the more profitable way. You can actually become an on-campus distributor of Stockholm (and other films too, for that matter). It's a much better way to make money than Food Services, AND you know that you are fighting against the censorship of the very ideas that most affect you. Here is that link:

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